Learn German grammar – with explanations, examples and exercises

Adjectives: comparative and superlative

(Auszug aus dem PDF; extract from the PDF:) 1. Wie bilde ich den Komparativ :Umlaut, -er  Umlaut: a –> ä u –> ü o –> ö Adjektivendung: -el und –er: kein -e im Komparativ: dunkel – dunkler (nicht: dunkeler) Ausnahme: Adjektive aus romanischen Sprachen/Latein: clever, koscher 2. Wie bilde ich den Superlativ? -ste / sten intelligent, intelligenter, […]

learn german time

Step by step you will manage to learn the German time! Watch all the videos and with every new knowledge, you’ll build up your German Grammar Castle. This way, you know exactly how long you have to go.. 1. Spoken language (Umgangssprache) It differs greatly from English. Always have a look at this system: vor […]

German pronunciation: Word Stress

How to stress German words? Don’t worry, it is not too difficult. You have to learn the separable and inseparable prefixes. Have a look at the video and do the exercises, that are in the video. With enough practice, you’ll be proficient in German pronunciation! 1. Words with two syllables accent on stem (first syllable) fragen kommen […]

German Modal Verbs Exercises solutions

German Modal Verbs Exercises solutions Have you done the exercises? Then, have a look at the solutions: If you have more than three mistakes, please have a look at Modal Verb Table and the explanations. Or have a look at the videos at my Youtube playlist!  dürfen (to be allowed to)             […]

German Modal Verbs Exercises – with pictures and solutions

 German Modal Verbs Exercises Have you already learned the German modal verbs? If not, check the Modal Verb Table and the explanations with videos. Fill in the gap with the correct form. The link to the solutions is at the button!  dürfen (to be allowed to)                     […]

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German Modal Verbs

Modal verbs 1. Conjugation: Forms 2. Rules 3. dürfen 4. können 5. mögen 6. sollen 7. wollen 8. müssen 9. möchten 10. Exercises PDF German Modal Verbs and Youtube playlist 1. Conjugation: Forms dürfen können mögen sollen wollen müssen möchten may can/be able to like shall/should want must/have to like to have Note some irregularities concerning the conjugation: […]

German vocab: professions

Learn with the video: German Professions In this lesson, you will learn the German vocab about professions with English translation and pictures. What is the difference between "Beruf" and "Job"?  der Beruf, e professionder Job, s Jobder Beruf, e profession Beruf is your profession, what you have learned/studied. As a doctor, teacher or any profession with [...]

German room vocabulary

German room vocabulary 1. Where do you live? 2. List of German room vocabulary 3. the sleeping room and children’s room 4. The living room 5. The bathroom 6. The kitchen     Go to the playlist with four vocabulary videos 1. Where do you live? Wohnst du auf dem Land, in einem kleinen Dorf, in einer kleinen Stadt […]

German prepositions: Wechselpräpositionen

1. What are German “Wechselpräpositionen”? 2. List of German Wechselpräpositionen 4. Repetition: Dative and accusative case 5. Example Sentences 6. Exercises for German prepositions with dative and accusative 1. What are German “Wechselpräpositionen” German prepositions are governed by a case – dative, accusative or genitive. In this blog, we focus on the most difficult prepositions: two-way-prepositions or, […]