German vocab: professions

Learn with the video: German Professions

In this lesson, you will learn the German vocab about professions with English translation and pictures.

What is the difference between “Beruf” and “Job”? 

Beruf is your profession, what you have learned/studied. As a doctor, teacher or any profession with a high identification, you would say:
Mein Beruf ist           

In the last years, more and more people in Germany use the word Job instead Beruf. When you are working, but maybe not in your original profession or it’s not your dream-job or a part-time-job, you would say:
Mein Job ist..


Was sind Sie von Beruf?
Ich bin … (von Beruf)


What is your profession?
I am ….

note: Every profession has a masculine and feminine form.
Usually, it is -in for feminin: Student – Studentin.
The plural form for feminin is -innen: Studentinnen.
The masculine Plural, Studenten, should also be learned!

All masculine words ending on -er have the same for for singular and plural:
e.g. der Verkäufer, die Verkäufer

Picture: click on it and repeat the word for every number!

die Berufswahl

  1. Student/in
  2. Arzt/Ärztin
  3. Fitnesstrainer/in
  4. Verkäufer/in
  5. Flugbegleiter/in
  6. Architekt/in
  7. Ingenieur/in
  8. Lehrer/in
  9. Polizist/in
  10. Kellner/in
  11. Ober/in
  12. Krankenpfleger
  13. Bäcker/in
  14. Friseur/in
  15. Banker/in
  16. Programmierer/in
  17. Bauarbeiter/in
  18. Briefträger/in
  19. Pilot/in
  20. Mechaniker/in
  21. Busfahrer/in
  22. Koch/Köchin
  23. Gärtner/in
  24. Maler/in


choice of profession

  1. student
  2. doctor
  3. fitness trainer
  4. sales person
  5. flight attendant
  6. architect
  7. engineer
  8. teacher
  9. policeman
  10. waiter
  11. garçon
  12. male nurse
  13. baker
  14. haircutter
  15. banker
  16. programmer
  17. builder
  18. postman
  19. pilot
  20. mechanician
  21. bus driver
  22. cook
  23. gardener
  24. painter