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Start now with the Free Absolute Beginner’s Course.
Take Beginner’s Courses to learn new German Vocabulary & Grammar.

Develop your knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar. Learn media language with the Slowly Spoken News. With simple explanations and lots of quizzes.

Du bist schon besser als B1? Dann finest du hier interessante, moderne Texte und schwierige Grammatikthemen.
 Easy German reading is the most fun way to develop your knowledge. Become fluent in German with accessible eBooks and learn colloquial German.

Welcome to Free German Lessons Online!

  • Join Free German Lessons to learn grammar and vocabulary for different difficulty levels (A1-C1). 
  • Each course is divided into short lessons so you can take a break whenever you want.
  • Exercises and quizzes are there to help you check your progress.
  • German pronunciation isn’t easy, so there is video for each course to help you.
  • For students at level B1 and higher, Slowly Spoken German News with English-German glossary can help you practice.
  • For students at level B2 and higher, you can use the German-English stories to learn more about German culture from an outsider’s perspective.
  • Don’t forget to register an account with Free German Lessons Online in order to take the quizzes..