German Courses for Absolute Beginners

Did you know that there is an awesome NEW course on youtube? 12 lessons, colloquial language and all is based on dialogues. Check it out right now.

Have a look at my German Courses for Absolute Beginners:

Learn with German eBooks and Audiobooks!

It’s more fun! Also, you can learn while you are in a car, in the tube, etc.

German Grammar  Courses for Beginners:

You need to go deeper in German Grammar? You have forgotten a lot of things or you simply don’t like Grammar to much? Or you are studying German on your own? Then, start with the Grammar Courses. There is no particular order. Start with your weakest topics or choose a new German Grammar topic.

German Vocabulary Courses for Beginners

If you are a beginner, but you already know the basics, start with these Courses. There is no particular order. Start with what is interesting for you. Also, if you need to refresh your A1-level or if you need to prepare for the Goethe A1 Exam, have a look at my ebook for Beginners!