Learn German grammar – with explanations, examples and exercises

Vokabelvideo Freizeit in der Stadt

German grammar Wechselpräpositionen: exercise

German grammar Wechselpräpositionen If the German grammar Wechselpräpositionen is completely new to you, go first to the blog entry Wechselpräpositionen. There you”ll learn the rules. Here, you find important vocabulary to leisure in the city. Go to the video to learn the words: leisure in the city If you have practiced the articles, have a […]

German pronunciation: How to pronounce German Consonants

Here, I try to show you how to pronounce German Consonants. For part 1 of the German pronunciation, have a look at the pronunciation of the Vowels. German in general is a much more phonetically consistent language than English. This means, as soon as you know the rules, you’ll be able to read German texts. However, […]

German pronunciation: Learn all about vowels

German pronunciation: facts German pronunciation is more or less regular – that doesn’t mean it is logic for most speakers. Get used to the pronunciation of the vowels. First, be aware: your tongue is a muscle: you need to exercise! Stand in front of the mirror and pretend that you are an actor/actress! To learn new vowels, […]

German word order | PART 3 | German subordinate clauses: dass

German subordinate clauses: Part 3 Now you learn all about the German subordinate clause “dass”. First, you need to learn the rules for the word order, please have a look here. Go to the playlist for the German word order Get the PDF with all information 1. “,dass” functioning as a subject clause There is no big difference […]

Body Parts in German

Always go to the Video: Body Parts in German Learn the words for the Body Parts in German with the video. learn all important words for: face, upper body, hands, legs and private parts. Enrich your vocabulary right now! Viel Spaß! the PDF German Vocabulary Body Parts German vocabularyEnglish translationGerman vocabulary 1. Das Gesicht Das Auge, die Augen Die [...]

How to order in a German restaurant?

German restaurant menu: How to order? the German restaurant menu and of course the German cuisine is not so well known, we have to admit that.. You might know German beer and curry wurst. But there are other dishes as well! You will see in the video. Learn the important words and phrases: how to […]

How to make a doctor’s appointment in German

ATTENTION! There’s an update to this entry. Go to the Course “German vocabulary – At the doctor’s: Beim Arzt”, where you can find even more vocabulary and multiple Quizzes!     How to make a doctor’s appointment in german You are going to see a doctor in Germany? Learn how to make a doctor’s appointment in […]

German word order | PART 2 | subordinated clauses

German word order – subordinates clauses Part 2 After having learned the three important rules for the main sentence, we focus now on the German word order of subordinated clauses. If you are unsure about the rules for the main sentences, click here for the first videos. These conjunctions (also called subjunctions) “ask for” a subordinate clause: […]

German word order | PART 1

1. German Word order: Basic rules The German word order definitely belongs to the most difficult parts of the grammar. Not difficult to understand, but really hard to use. This is why I give you a step by step guide and a lot of exercises. You always have to bear in mind three simple rules. […]

Slowly Spoken German News Week 29

Slowly Spoken German News Week 29: Planecrash in the Ukraine Flugzeug wurde abgeschossen 298 Menschen sind gestorben, als eine Passagiermaschine über der Ostukraine abstürzte. Das Flugzeug war auf dem Weg von Amsterdam nach Kuala Lumpur.   Die Regierung in Kiew und die USA denken, dass russische Separatisten das Flugzeug abgeschossen haben. Ein Motiv ist nicht bekannt. Die USA […]