Learn the exotic fruits in German

In Germany, we have a lot of exotic fruits (well, our perspective of exotic, of course 🙂 ). Here, you find the vocabulary for the fruits. Learn with the pictures and the English/German glossary. All fruits have the feminine article “die”, except der Apfel (apple).  Practice the vocabulary with the Youtube Video Exotic Fruits. You can […]

learn German Christmas traditions & words for beginners

Learn german christmas vocabulary sorted by topic with pictures. Read & learn the words, look at the pictures and repeat (without looking at the words) the Christmas vocabulary! 1. Nikolaus Nikolaus ist am 6. Dezember The Holiday Santa Claus is at the 6th of December. 1. der Weihnachtsmann/der Nikolaus Father Christman 2. der Schlitten sledge […]

German Weather Vocabulary

Learn with video: German weather vocabulary Ich bin ein Textblock. Klicken Sie auf den Bearbeiten Button um diesen Text zu ändern. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. 1. German Weather vocabulary: basic wordsGerman English Bilder Wie ist der Wetter heute? How is the [...]

german vocabulary fruits and vegetables

german vocabulary fruits and vegetables Lerne mit dem PDF-fruits-veggies Lerne mit dem Video 1. Fruits – Früchte (die Frucht, die Früchte, das Obst) learn the german vocabulary fruits and vegetables – click on the pictures and repeat the new words! Learn the articles: most words are feminin!   1 die Banane, n banana   2 […]

German proverbs

Find out more about all the important German proverbs! Germans often use proverbs in their daily language. Here, I would like to show you the most common German proverbs. When possible, I give you the English equivalent of the German proverb. You also find an explanation in German and little story about Timo, a young [...]

list of German food: breakfast – meat – basic food

list of German food The list of german food is divided into the parts: breakfast, meat and basic food. For vegetables and fruits have a look at the other videos, for the German restaurant menu and the order, click here. There is not one simple translation of “food”. Learn therefore these words: die Lebensmittel (Pl.) food, […]