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Learn German with Miss Hasenfuss! Miss Hasenfuss is a woman like no other. She snaps her fingers – and something magical happens. V2 in this series focuses entirely on German word order.

It is so different to English, Spanish or French word order, that nearly all beginner make a lot of mistakes.
“Als ich im Urlaub war” (when I was on holiday) is an eBook for A1-A2 German learners who find grammar difficult, have gaps in their knowledge or simply don’t enjoy learning it (but know they need to learn it anyway!).

The book includes mnemonics (ways of memorising topics) for sentence structure and other grammatical structures, which are repeated throughout so you can’t forget them.
Learn German better and more efficiently with this fun eBook! Even German grammar can be fun when there’s magic involved.

What’s inside:

The German Grammar eBook contains 5 chapters, each focusing on one of the following grammatical themes:

  • Hauptsätze (main sentences)
  • Verb-II-Position (zuerst, dann, danach)
  • difference: als-wenn-wann
  • Nebensätze (subordinates)
  • Adjectives: Perfekt (German Past Tense)

The German Grammar eBook comes with:

  • Exercises, so you can practise using the grammar you learn about
  • complete solutions for the exercises
  • Audio recording of the eBook
  • extensive German/German and German/English glossary to aid understanding

The German word order is really annoying to learn. We automatically translate word by word. However, this doesn’t work at all. Unfortunately, Germans assume that your German is really bad if you don’t stick to the Verb-II position. Many German learners make mistakes here. In order to speak good German, the German word order is much more important than declination of adjectives or other grammar points.

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