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These German short stories for beginners and post-beginners are a good way to brush up your German!

About the German short stories for beginners

You are a post-beginner and want to read real German texts? Your German is probably lacking colloquialism and typical expressions?

Read the 11 entertaining short stories about different people in Berlin – with exercises and audio.

The people in the stories are as colourful as their city – a rich layer, a smart-aleck girl with her cheeky and wild sister, a Turkish mum pondering about German kids, a beautiful and sexy east European student, a good-looking Erasmus guy madly in love, a crazy and intelligent, but tired critical thinker, a disabled former GDR actress and her Asian nurse, a desperate programmer without a WiFi connection and finally – the ticket inspector.

One person doesn’t have a ticket. Read what happens next!

What awaits you in the German short stories for beginners?

  • 11 German short stories for beginners – don’t get bored and read one story at a time!
  • Comprehension and grammar exercises with solutions
  • Audio files
  • English translation
  • Pictures to help comprehension



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  • PDF
  • mp3

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