Learn German with a story. Berlin, Kuchen & Liebe (Beginner)

German stories for beginners is one of the best ways to improve your German. You have started learning German and want to bring your knowledge to the next level? Or you want to prepare for the Goethe Certificate A1 the fun way?  Then read the story about the Italian Maria and her holiday in Berlin.

With exercises, audio files and English translations.

  • Real German – the way people speak (and textbooks don’t)
  • 6 chapters with a lot of different exercises
  • English translation of the whole text
  • Different exercises with solutions
  • Prepare for the Goethe A1 test
  • Links to Youtube videos provide more informations on certain topics
  • Pictures make it easier to understand the text
  • Join the moderated Facebook Group for this eBook and ask questions, chat in German and meet other German learners!
  • Get the German eBook as a EPUB and PDF. Inside, you find the link to download the MP3-Files.

How do the German stories for beginners help for the Goethe Exam A1?

The exercises are very similar to the Goethe A1 exam. They are especially designed to match the questions of the test.

I am post-beginners (A2.1). Are German stories for beginners too easy for me?

Reading and listening is a good way to improve your vocabulary. If your are a post-beginner, don’t look at the English translation and try to read fluently. The exercises might be too easy sometimes, but it is still important to repeat vocabulary and grammar you may have forgotten. You will also learn German the way it’s really spoken and used in Germany.

Start right now with German stories for beginners “Berlin, Kuchen & Liebe”

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