How to order in a German restaurant?

German restaurant menu: How to order?

the German restaurant menu and of course the German cuisine is not so well known, we have to admit that.. You might know German beer and curry wurst.
But there are other dishes as well! You will see in the video. Learn the important words and phrases: how to order in a German restaurant

die Speisekarte, -n

die Tageskarte, -n
menu of the day

der Kellner / in ,  die Bedienung

Gänge (1. Gang, 2. Gang, 3. Gang)
course das 3- Gänge-Menü

die Vorspeise, -n

die Hauptspeise / der Hauptgang
main dish

der Nachtisch / die Nachspeise / das Dessert
dessert / pudding / afters

to order
Ich hätte gerne … Für mich bitte …
Was ist das? Haben Sie…?

Get the PDF:  How to order in a German restaurant?
Go to the video: part 1 – German 

Dialog im Restaurant with German restaurant menu. See the English literal translation:
I have reserved a table With pleasure. Please follow me. 
Do you already have a wish? What do you want to trink something?Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-27 um 12.09.08I’d like to have a glas of red wine. Do you have a daily menu?

Yes, we have as a starter a Maultaschensuppe or a small salad, as main dish Zwiebelrösbraten mit Knödel or Nudeln mit Spargelspitzen (see video and PDF!) and as dessert there is fruit salad with hot strawberries or a fruit salad.


Then, I’d like to have the salad as a starter, then the Zwiebelrösbraten and the fruit salad as dessert.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-27 um 12.09.40

Did it taste (to you)? May I take the plate?


Yes, it was very gut. Thank you. The bill, please