1. Accusative Function

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This topic German Akkusativ is a bit complex. Please have a look at the video.

Accusative is the form for the Object. In German, you have to differ between Subject (=Nominative Case) and Object.

Other languages (English, French, Spanish) have a fixed syntax: Subject – Verb – Object. That means, the subject is always at position 1.

In German, however, Object – Verb – Subject is possible as well. It is not common, but you have to understand that German does not mark the subject or object by its position, but by its case.

Examples. Try to translate the sentences.

Subjekt (Nominativ) und Objekt (Akkusativ) 

  1. das Mädchenschießt den Ball.
  2. das Mädchenschießt der Ball.
  3. Den Ballschießt das Mädchen.
  4. Der Ballschießt das Mädchen.

 Da-Compounds Sentence 1 and 3 are equal, sentence 2 and 4 are equal.

Note: The syntax S-V-O is most common, but depending on the context and verb, another possibility is normal.

How do I know that in sentence 4 “Der Ball” is the subject? Because “der” can only be subject, as it is in the nominative case.


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    I’ve looked for the PDF files for this lesson but cannot find any ?

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    I’ve looked for the PDF files for this lesson but cannot find any ?

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