How to build sentences in German

Wie bilde ich einen Hauptsatz (Aussagesatz)?
How do I build a simple declarative sentence?

Always go to the Video: German sentences PART 1

The German word order definitely belongs to the most difficult parts of the grammar. It’s especially hard to use.
That is why I will explain it to you step by step with many examples. In the next lesson you will be able to check yourself with some exercises. For now, learn how to build sentences in German!

German Word order: Basic rules

Let’s start with the 3 simple but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT rules:
(To each rule I will assign a small picture, so that it is easier to remember. I will use the pictures throughout the whole course.)

German sentence construction rules

1. The conjugated verb must always be on the second place in the sentence!
2. Subject and verb are so-to-say married – they always stay together!
3. The second part of verb always goes to the end of the sentence!

Note: This differs greatly to English, French, Italien etc.

Englisch Deutsch
Today I (2nd place: subject) went to the supermarket. Heute bin (2nd place: always the verb!) ich in den Supermarkt gegangen.

German Word order: Example

Ok, now let’s practice it together! Here you have 6 clauses:



Firstly, we have to analyze which parts of sentence are those:


Now let’s make a full sentence out of it (while keeping in mind the most important rules!):


———Susi——–ran——-yesterday evening————-crying——–out of the restaurant.———————–


Are there any other possiblities for building this sentence? Of course!



There are no exact rules telling you, where should you place all the clauses. That is why you can build almost every sentence in so many ways. It’s very important that you read a lot in German. This will help you to get the feeling, where which word should be placed. If you have ever heard something about TeKaMolo, forget about it. It’s outdated and not “state-of the art”.


If you think you remembered everything, go to the next lesson and complete the exercises.
If not, watch the video and go through the lesson again. IT REALLY IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!


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