Lesson 6: Meine Hobbys – machen (to make) – lesen (to read)

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Was machst du in deiner Freizeit? Was sind deine Hobbys?  – What do you do in your free time? What are you hobbies?

Learn some more basic vocabulary in German: in this lesson you will get to know two important verbs, machen (to do) and lesen (to read). You will also learn how to describe your hobbies, which is pretty important if you want to make new German friends, right? ;)

1. das Verb "machen" - the verb "to do"

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit? What do you do in your free time?

Hallo Fritz! Sag mal,was machst du eigentlich in deiner Freizeit? Was sind deine Hobbys?

Mhm. Ich mache viele Sachen.

Ich mache
Du machst
er/sie/es macht
wir machen
ihr macht
sie machen

Hello Fritz! What do you do in your free time, actually? What are your hobbies?

Mhm. I do lots of things.

I do
you do
he/she/it does
we do
you (pl.) do
they do

2. Was sind deine Hobbys? - What are your hobbies?

Meine Hobbys sind… – My hobbies are…

to play football
to play tennis
to ride a bike
to go to the cinema
to meet up with friends
to cook

Oh, du kochst gern! Und du bist sehr sportlich. Wie schön!

Ja, ich koche gern. Und du? Was sind deine Hobbys?

Oh, you like cooking! And you are very sporty. How nice!

Yes, I like cooking. And you? What are your hobbies?

Und meine Hobbys sind…

to go swimming
to go jogging/running
to sing
to listen to music
to play guitar
to read

Ich schwimme gern(e). / Ich gehe gern(e) joggen. – I like swimming. / I enjoy going jogging.

Gern(e) can be translated most directly “gladly”. It’s not common in English, but is widespread in German.

Was macht Franz in seiner Freizeit?

Übersetzung auf Englisch

In my free time, I like eating sausage!

Und du? Was machst du in deiner Freizeit? Was machst du gern?

3. das Verb "lesen" - the verb "to read"

Ich lese gern Krimis. Was liest du? – I like reading crime novels. What do you read?

Übersetzung auf Englisch

I read
you read
he/she/it reads
we read
you (pl.) read
they read

declined like SPRECHEN (to speak)


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