Pronunciation of consonants – PART 2

Let’s continue with the rest of German consonants! Watch the video and follow the table.

Learn German pronounciation with the Video: Consonants PART 2


Consonants Explanation & Examples
ch [x] after e, i, ä, ü „ich [ç] after a, o, u: „ach [k] in chs and at the beginning
of some words
ich                (I)
Milch           (milk)
München    (munich)
Nacht      (night)
Buch        (book)
auch        (also)
noch        (yet)
sechs    (six)
Fuchs   (foox)
Chor     (choir)
China   (china)

German pronunciation: different positions of the tongue

sch schön            (beautiful)
Englisch       (English)
Schweiz        (Switzerland)
sprechen   (to speak)
spät            (late)
Stunde       (hour)
r rolled r, French r, voiced [r]Ratte       (Ratte)
richtig      (right)
korrekt     (correct)free-german-lessons-pronounciation-r

r as a vowel:

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– after long vowels:
vier    (four)
ihr      (you)
der     (the)
Ohr    (ear)
– in the ending -er
Lehrer         (teacher)
aber             (but)
besser          (better)
Computer    (computer)
– in the prefixes er-, zer-, ver-:
erklären       (to explain)
zerstören     (to destroy)
verstehen    (to understand)
l It isn’t exactly the same as English L.
Your tounge is more relaxed.
Hallo    (hello)
lustig    (funny)
lachen (laugh)
If l is really difficult for you, come from N to L.Hold your nose and, coming from “nnnnn”, give some space to let the air out. free-german-lessons-pronounciation-n-l


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