Zwei Hauptsätze

Now that you’ve learned and practised the basics of how to build sentences in German,
we can move on to a bit more difficult, longer sentences.
How do we make them? We take two main sentences and connect them with conjunctions such as: and, but, or etc. …

Always go to the Video: How to build a complex sentence


Let’s take a look at the most important conjunctions in German:


With all those conjunctions:

und – oder – aber – sondern – denn
and – or – but – but (negation) – because

you join two main sentences. Both sentences have the verb at position II !

Let’s take a look at some examples:




I’m going home now, because I am tired.


We want to study for the exam tommorow, becuase we want to get good results.


My cat wants to eat fish everyday, but I hate the smell of fish.


My girlfriend wants to go to the cinema with me today, but in rainy conditions I want to stay at home.

Please watch the second video, before going any further:

Learn German with the Video: Word Order PART 4

sondern = aber nach Negation


He doesn’t love Anna, but Susi!
He doesn’t want to do the homework, but to go to the lake!
The boss didn’t fire Mr. Muller, he wanted to leave himself.

Attention! When using conjuctions aber, oder, sondern and und – if the subject and/or verb in the second sentence stays the same – there’s no need to repeat it!



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