How to make a doctor’s appointment in German

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How to make a doctor’s appointment in german

You are going to see a doctor in Germany? Learn how to make a doctor’s appointment in german, learn the dialogues with a doctor.

In the PDF, you’ll see model dialogues with the assistant of a doctor and a model dialogue with your doctor.
You will find the most important word for illnesses and medication.

PDF How to make a doctor’s appointment in german

Video 1: consultation with German doctor
Video 2: consultation with German doctor
Video 3: important words


Herr Steiger ist krank. Er braucht einen Arzttermin. Er ruft bei der Ärztin an.

how to make a doctor's appointment in german

how to make a doctor’s appointment in german



Mr. Steiger is sick. He needs an appointment at the doctor. He calls the doctor.

– “Practise Dr. Meier, Müller on the phone. What can I do for you?”
– “Good day, Ms. Müller, here ist Thomas Steiger. I am sick. I am not feeling well. Could I come by today?”
– “We are quite full today. But if you like, you can come at 17:30.”
-“Today 17:30 ist fine. Thank you!”
– “See you soon, Mr. Steiger. Don’t forget your insurance card.”


Doctor's appointment dialog in German

-“Mr, Steiger, What is troubling you?”
– “Good day, doctor. I am feeling really bad. I have a headache, the snuffles, a sore throat and a cough.”
– ” Do you take your temperature? Do you have fever?”
-” Yes, since yesterday. I have 38 Degrees Celsius.”
-“Mr Steiger, you belong to the bed (=you should go into the bed). You have the flu. I will give you a sick note. You’ll get the sick leave  for your employer from the receptionist. I prepare a recipe for medicaments for your cough.


Schnupfen (m.) snuffles
Husten (m.) cough
Fieber (n.) fever
Fieber messen mit dem Thermometer measure the temperature with the thermometer
Grippe (f.) flu
Halsweh (n.) sore throat
Kopfweh (n.) headache
Krankmeldung (f.) sick leave
Rezept (n.) recipe
Magen-Darm-Grippe stomach flu
Er muss sich übergeben. He has to throw up
Ich muss kotzen I have to puke
Asthma, Astmathikerin asthmatic

–> go to the video to match the words with for the pictures!
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Medikament, e (n)
Pille, n (f.)
Hustensaft, ä e (m.)
Krankenwagen, ä (m.)
Pflaster, – (n)
Notfallnummer, n (m.)

Spritze, n (f.)
Verband (m.)
Pille, n (f.)
Löffel, – (m.)
Krücke, n (f.)
Pinzette, n (f.)
Thermometer, – (f.)
Stetoskop (n.)

  • Der Arzt hört den  Patienten ab.

Pipette (f.)
Gips (m.)
– Die Hand und beide Füße sind eingegipst.

Rollstuhl, ü e (m.)

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Ärzte und Ärztinnen

die Zahnärztin
der Tierarzt / Veterinär
der Kinderarzt
der Augenarzt
der Chirurg
die Frauenärztin
Die Frau ist schwanger.

Für die Geburt gibt es eine Hebamme

der Allgemeinarzt/ der Hausarzt

der Hautarzt
die Ohrenärztin



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