German Modal Verbs Exercises – with pictures and solutions

 German Modal Verbs Exercises Have you already learned the German modal verbs? If not, check the Modal Verb Table and the explanations with videos. Fill in the gap with the correct form. The link to the solutions is at the button!  dürfen (to be allowed to)                     […]

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German Modal Verbs

Modal verbs 1. Conjugation: Forms 2. Rules 3. dürfen 4. können 5. mögen 6. sollen 7. wollen 8. müssen 9. möchten 10. Exercises PDF German Modal Verbs and Youtube playlist 1. Conjugation: Forms dürfen können mögen sollen wollen müssen möchten may can/be able to like shall/should want must/have to like to have Note some irregularities concerning the conjugation: […]