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Starte den Anfängerkurs und lerne Vokabeln und Grammatik.

Develop your knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar. Learn media language with the Slowly Spoken News. With simple explanations and lots of quizzes.

Vertiefe dein Wissen! Lerne Mediensprache mit den langsam gesprochenen Nachrichten. Einfache Erklärungen und viele Tests!

Du bist schon besser als B1? Dann finest du hier interessante, moderne Texte und schwierige Grammatikthemen.

Easy German reading is the most fun way to develop your knowledge. Become fluent in German with accessible eBooks and learn colloquial German.

Lerne mit den Deutschbüchern – sie sind die perfekte Ergänzung zu den German Lessons.

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langsam gesprochene Nachrichten

Welcome to Free German Lessons Online! Herzlich Willkommen!

Mein Pseudonym im Internet ist Anna Müller. Ich wohne in Berlin und kann mir nicht vorstellen, woanders zu leben. Obwohl – ich liebe Griechenland, Italien, Frankreich, England, Irland, Marokko, und viele andere Länder.

Hier ist mein Profil von Amazon (auf English):

She was born near Munich, shortly before the Fall of the Wall. After school (where she spent most of her time playing tennis, doing theatre and reading everything she found in the library), she went to the University of Zürich where she learnt many languages, including Arabic, French, Farsi, Latin, Italian and Swedish. However, she soon realised her main passion was her mother tongue: German. She went on to study German literature, linguistics and oriental studies, and has taught German at university, Swiss banks and other international companies. She currently lives in Berlin, where she is studying for a Masters in Religion and Culture at Humboldt University as well as teaching, blogging, and running her own website – – which aims to make learning German fun! She is happily married, with no kids, cats, dogs or even a goldfish.